The law is broken down into many different subcategories, each of which focuses on a particular topic. Business law is one such subcategory. As you might guess, the issues that fall under this type of law have to do with business.

There are many legal issues that are faced by businesses every single day. From writing contracts to dealing with employment issues, it is important for businesses to know and understand the laws that apply to them so that they don’t inadvertently break them.

There are many lawyers out there who specialize in this type of law. Sometimes they work on behalf of companies. In other cases, however, they are hired by everyday citizens who have had their rights violated by businesses.

For instance, an employee who is fired from their job unfairly may hire a lawyer who is familiar with business law to represent them as they go up against the company that fired them. On the other end of the spectrum, a company may hire a lawyer to help them review their employee handbook to make sure that everything contained within it is legal or to enact disciplinary action on an employee without breaking the law.

Patents, copyrights, and trademarks also fall under the umbrella of business law, as do many personal injury cases involving businesses that create defective products or that provide unsafe conditions for workers or for people visiting their location.

There are countless other situations that fall within the scope of business law. In essence, any legal issues that businesses encounter from the time they are established until the time they are dissolved usually fit within this subcategory of the law. It is almost always beneficial to work with a lawyer who is familiar with this type of law on any cases involving a dispute with a business.